March 23, 2015 Eddie Shanahan


Wilderness Exhibition - Agata StoinskaOn April 9th, 2015 – my friend Agata Stoinska and I will open an exhibition of our photographic art project WILDERNESS at the Zozimus Gallery in Dublin, as part of Irish Design 2105. Where did the idea come from ?. Was the seed of the idea planted way back when, as a small child, I was taken by my parents into the Knockmealdown mountains on one of the many picnics or other adventures we enjoyed through what seemed like the endless summers of growing ?

Did the idea come during a pause for thought remembering the solitude of the Cistercian monks who worked and prayed up there in the eerie vastness ?. Was it sparked by the coltish look of the model Grace Connell ….with her wild eyes ?

”…was it sparked by the coltish look of the model Grace Connell ….with her wild eyes ?”

Was it the other projects we had enjoyed so much that sent us, on a Spring Sunday, to test my memory of the awesome landscape in those very same hills ? There at the edge of the clouds high in the Knockmealdown mountains – where ribbons of green velvety moss drip from wind tortured trees, where silver streams cascade violently through karst cut loose as far back as the ice age, where the black mirror surfaces of corries and lakes reflect the ever changing sky….. we sketched out our narrative. The ideas came fast. Wilderness explores and celebrates captivating landscapes, indigenous textures and contemporary craftsmanship.

WILDERNESS is a photographic art exhibition comprising 10 images printed, as limited editions, on high quality art paper and framed in lime washed frames. The images are innovative, edgy, raw and beautiful.